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Von Itter

I am a challenge-seeking system thinker who also delights in little details.

I create physical and digital products that people love, from concept to completion.

I thrive surrounded by passionate people who live to build things, from engineers and designers to lawyers and linguists.

My portfolio spans over many years and many products - wearables, robots, voice interfaces, game consoles, virtual reality, apps and websites. A few of my favorite projects are shown below. Reach out if you'd like to see more.

greatest hits

Firefox Reality


Firefox Reality (FxR) is an experimental browser by Mozilla, created to give users a privacy-respecting way to access web content in virtual and augmented reality. I worked across organizations, bridging the main Firefox team with the Mixed Reality team, to help transition from a proof-of-concept to the best VR browser on the market. In less than one year I helped increase weekly active usage of the browser by over 300% across the Oculus and HTC platforms.

Bossa Nova Robot


As Head of Product and UX, I worked directly with Bossa Nova's main retail client, Walmart, to understand the problems facing their workers and their business. Working closely with hardware and software engineers, I helped devise solutions to these problems through advanced robotics and machine learning. I also managed the Product and UX team in charge of robot deployment and data reporting/visualization.

Fitbit Ionic


I held a variety of roles on Fitbit Ionic. I started as the Lead Designer at the very early concept stages, defining key experiences and behaviors. As the project grew, I was promoted to Design Manager to lead a team of 10 designers building this high-end smartwatch, Fitbit's other wearables and the developer platform. Eventually I made the switch to Product Management, where I continued to support Ionic as well as Charge and Alta product lines. Since 2017, Ionic has been worn by nearly 2 million people.

Fitbit Blaze


I designed all interactive aspects of Fitbit's first smartwatch as part of a two-person team. From the concept phase, through to launch and four customer software updates, I worked closely with product managers and engineers to ensure a delightful, high quality user experience. The Blaze has sold over 5 million units since its release in 2016.

GoPro Hero5


I created, prototyped and documented detailed interaction model concepts for the Hero5 camera. Balancing hardware button, voice and touch screen input was a unique challenge, especially for use in extreme sport conditions.

Xbox One

2012 - 2013

Leading up to the 2013 launch of the Xbox One, I led interaction design for many of the core gaming and social apps - Friends, Parties (multi-player gaming), Achievements, Game DVR, Skype, Messaging and more. I also designed service-driven social experiences used by nearly 50 million Xbox Live users across two consoles, on mobile devices, Windows and the web. 

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Master of Science

Human Centered Design & Engineering
University of Washington, June 2007
Bachelor of Science

Boston University, January 2002
Additional Coursework
Typography, Infographics, Graphic Design at School of Visual Concepts

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